Ty Miller's interview


Caro, Laurie : Have you ridden before filming "TYR"?
Ty : Yes, I grew up with a horse at my house, although I didnít ride her very much at all... so it was a challenge at first... you can really see the difference in all of us from the first and last seasons of the show.

Kristel, Elodie : Did you like riding Katy ? Were you attached to her as your character is in the show?
Ty : Katy was a beautiful horse (as you know), and was great to ride and also had a great Ďpersonalityí. Yes, I would say I grew as attached as my character on the show... I had considered buying her after the show was over, but thought that she would be happier with all the other horses. Now you may not know... Katyís real name is ĎDukeí and is really a male! I hope that doesnít spoil anything for you... Duke/Katy is a wonderful horse.

Emmanuelle : Did you find it difficult to leave Katy at the end of the show? Because you were close to your horse in comparison to the other actors and their horses.
Ty : Yes, I absolutely adore animals, and I grew quite attached... sometimes I wonder if Ďsheí (see above) would remember me!

Elodie : Who was Katy's owner?
Ty : Katy was (and still is, I think) owned by the main horse trainers for the show... if you ever see stagecoaches in American movies and commercials, itís very possible that those trainers (or their employees) are the same people.

Cťline A. : I love horses & I would like to know how it was to act/film with them?
Ty : It was a lot of fun to work with the horses! Hereís something you may not know... all the horses have big cotton balls in their ears to protect their hearing during gunfight scenes! Plus, they are trained to hit a mark, just like actors, and stay on that mark... so all of the main cast horses go through extra training to stand still once they have stopped at their mark.

Magali : You grew up among horses, but you only learnt to ride thanks to The Young Riders. Do you still ride horses or not? Katy, for example?
Ty : My Aunt and Uncle have horses up in Northern California, but I rarely get a chance to ride anymore, although I do miss it a lot.

The show

Chloe, Kurvina : Is a following to the serie planned? Is a film adaptation planned at all?
Ty : I havenít heard of any plans to do a sequel or a film... if I hear of anything, Iíll let you know!

Chey Marie : If The Young Riders "was" to come back, as a series or just a TV special, would you be willing to do it? What do you think Kid would be up to?
Ty : Thatís a good question... sometimes the Ďmagicí of a particular show is best left to the original, but I suppose I would have to see what the script looked like.

Sunny, Sofy : If you could have played any other role on The Young Riders, which would you have chosen?
Ty : Well, each of our personalities came across very well through our characters, so Iím not sure it would have worked as well with any of us playing other roles... so I think Iím very happy to have played The Kid!

Sunny : Was there a particular storyline or episode that you particularly disliked, where you read the script and just had to shake your head?
Ty : Overall, I really liked the job the writers did... and the challenge is to try and make something that somebody else writes for you... íyour owní. Occasionally, there were certain lines that I didnít feel were something The Kid would say, but we had some room to change certain dialogue if we felt it wasnít right.

Sunny : There's an "official script" of "Till Death Do Us Part" -or at least a rough first draft of one that indicates that Kid's real name is Louis. Is this just an internet rumour, or was it actually something that the writers played around with for a while. Was there ever going to be a revelation of Kid's name, did the writers even have one in mind? If so... yeah, of course, what was it?
Ty : I heard the writers wanted to reveal The Kidís real name, but in the end, Iím glad it didnít happen... I think it keeps a bit of mystery... I donít think everything in television shows and films needs to be explained and revealed... my personal opinion!

Chey Marie : Kid's name was almost... but unfortunately never revealed. What do you think it might have been?
Ty : Well, like the above question, Iím glad it wasnít... I personally donít think he had a name, and thatís how I felt during the course of the show.

Aluna : Was the friendship between the characters in the show as strong off screen?
Ty : Very much so... we all got along very well. They (the cast members) would be people I would have as friends even if The Young Riders never happened.

Laurie, Elodie : Did you get along well with the rest of the cast? Especially with Josh and Yvonne?
Ty : Yes, we got along very well... I donít get to see much of the cast these days, but I still consider them all friends and I have great memories of the time we filmed the show. Itís amazing though, when I do get the chance to see one of them, itís like not a day has passed.

Mathilde : What did you think about the fans coming to see you on location?
Ty : I loved to see fans come to the set and watch or talk to the cast and crew. I think anytime somebody appreciates the work that you do, itís a good feeling.

Mathilde : Did you make some contacts with the "guests actors" invited to perform?
Ty : Sometimes, yes. We had the chance to work with some great people through the course of the show.

Dťborah, Joyce, Anne-Claire, Florence, Chey Marie : Are you still in touch with the actors of the show?
Ty : See the previous answer also... I donít get the chance to see them much, it seems like evrybodyís pretty busy these days!

Laurie : Is it true that several actors have been injured during the show? Especially you with your knee?
Ty : Nobody had any serious injuries that I can recall... cuts, bruises maybe, but I canít remember anything that really worried anybody. No, my knee injuries were a result of skiing many years before that!

Karine, Fanny : What is your favorite memory during the show?
Ty : Thatís a hard question... I think the best way to answer that is to say that the memories I have from filming the show remain some of the best in my life (so far!).

Karine : What is your worst memory during the show?
Ty : The worst memory was knowing it was going to be our last show and our last season!

Celine A. : Would you have prefer the show to have made extra episodes?
Ty : Yes, I think that show could have gone for much longer.

Celine A. : After this show, do you think you would have enjoyed life in this period (Far- West)?
Ty : Well, honestly I donít think it was much different than now, except for the things we have and the things we can do today. Iím not sure that people have changed so much in a short 100 years! But I do like the internet!

Fanny : How would you describe your experience during filming the TYR?
Ty : In short... all good!

Fanny : Do you have some stories to tell us about the show, the actors? How was the atmosphere during the filming?
Ty : Letís see... one day when we had to stop filming because of a severe storm that moved in... me and Josh ran around the set in our underwear...

Sofy : What was the most difficult for you during the show?
Ty : I had a girlfriend who lived back in Los Angeles (I was in Tucson), so we didnít get to see each other much... that was hard.

Emmanuelle : I'm really interested by the horses and the Indian culture: I would like to know if you learned something on these subjects during the shooting? Are the indians rituals filmed during the show close to reality?
Ty : Yes, definitely. I learned a lot about the West and about American Indian culture. With all aspects of that time period, the writers tried to stay as close to fact as possible. As far as I know, the sweat lodge rituals we filmed were pretty close to how it was done... but an American Indian may prove me wrong on that!

Leonora : When you were working on the Young Riders set, I'm sure there must have been times when things got a little bit intense or stressful. Did you do anything in particular to alleviate that stress? For me, listening to music,or joking around with other people helped me a lot!
Ty : We joked around on set so much sometimes, the producers would yell at us! But youíre right, itís a good way to alleviate stress... I think we stressed them out more, though, by doing it!

Marie-Pierre : This is a stupid question! There are a lot of scenes when you all are at Tompkins' s shop and you carry a lot of boxes to put them in the wagon and bring them to Emma or Rachel. Do you have any idea of how many pounds you carried during the show?
Ty : Well, as you might guess, most of those boxes were empty! So I donít know how many pounds of empty boxes we carried!


Caro : Which movie or serie have you most enjoyed filming/performing in?
Ty : Each for different reasons... I think for me, The Young Riders is the most lasting memory, but I also liked travelling to places like Romania and Bulgaria to work on films.

Dťborah : What have you done since the end of the show?
Ty : Lately, Iíve been working in the internet business, and occasionally doing a film. I try to play music as much as I can, but Iíve been pretty busy lately. The films Iíve done since went straight to the video market though, I think!

Joyce, Chey Marie : What are you doing now for a job?
Ty : My brother has an Internet and Computer Networking business and I work for him. Lately Iíve been designing websites . The latest one is for a band called Bird3 at www.bird3.com... you can check it out, but donít be too critical!

Stťphanie J. : What is your best professional experience and your best memories throughout your career?
Ty : Tough one! Itís really hard to have a favorite memory... there are so many good ones to choose from. When it comes down to it, the people Iíve met throughout my career have given me the best memories, everything else was just a different setting.

Stťphanie J., CharlŤne, Cťline M., Florence, Stťphanie G. : What are your future projects?
Ty : As far as acting goes, I donít know. Iíve recently started auditioning again, so maybe Iíll be in a project in the near future. Right now, Iím just trying to pay the bills!

Sofy : What kind of role do you prefer performing (comedy, drama, good/bad guy, historical, thriller, romance, etc..)?
Ty : I really would like to play a bad guy sometime... but I seem to audition for a lot of hero-type roles. It would be fun, though.

Joyce : Since you did "U.S. Seal" do you think you will be doing any more movies?
Ty : I would like to do more movies in the future, given the chance! U.S. Seals was a lot of fun to film... it was seven weeks in Bulgaria. The movie wasnít so good but the experience was incredible.

Nancy : What are your thoughts about the upcoming actor's strike? Are you still part of the union?
Ty : Yes, Iím still part of the union. I think the actors (and the writers) deserve what they are asking for, especially on the cable television issue. My thought is that if the companies are making their money (in part) from the services of the actors, then they should have to pay something (in part) for those services.

Nancy : Is there any type of project that would get you back into the acting business full time again?
Ty : Right now Iím trying to get back into acting more, so itís basically back to the audition circuit and try to land a role!

Laurence : Is there a professional project you would really like to achieve?
Ty : Someday I would love to do a music-based project... maybe even something totally internet-based.

Laurence : Do you have any regret throughout your carreer?
Ty : It depends on the day! No, really... I try not to regret things too much and think of mistakes as learning experiences... that sounds cheesy, but isnít it all we can do?

Veronique : What are your feelings about still being popular all over the world after the end of the show?
Ty : I was travelling a few years back throughout Europe with a backpack, and I stopped in for dinner in Paris at a little restaurant... I looked out the window and saw a big group of Spanish tourists staring in the window at me ! It was strange because I thought that this particular trip I took, I would be completely anonymous, and it was odd to be in a place that was so new to me, yet I was something familiar to somebody else. That doesnít explain anything, but there you have it!

Veronique : What are your feelings about the "show business"?
Ty : Well, I think there are Ďbadí things about any business, but the good things about it are the creative people that gravitate to it. I love being around creative people, whatever their business may be.

Leonora : I really enjoyed watching the movie, "To My Daughter." I thought you and Rue McClanahan worked very well together. What a great lady to get to know! I really liked the scene when Bobby came home to pick up a few things and had a very "heated" confrontation with his mother. It almost touched home for me. Did you do anything in particular to help you with that scene together? Thank you very much for taking the time to ask our questions!
Ty : Iím glad you liked that movie... thanks. I tried to ask a lot of questions about what my character was like and what kind of relationship he and his mother had, and it started to make some sense after awhile... that turned out to be a pretty good show!


Caro : Do you have an address where we can write to you and do you personally reply to your fans?
Ty : One of these days, I may set up an email address to reply to mail... thereís nothing right now, but like these questions, if you keep in touch with Sophie or Marie-Pierre, Itíll probably get to me eventually!

Dťborah , CharlŤne : About your personal life, are you married? Do you have any children?
Ty : Not married, no kids. I have a girlfriend... We live live together in a little house I recently bought... Youíre all invited!

Magali : I found an interview dated 1994, you said you wanted to be a singer, so when will we have the great pleasure to listen to you?
Ty : I do sing and play music as much as I can... I donít know, I was thinking of recording some stuff a while ago, but right now Iím happy just to play. If I record anything, Iíll let you know through Sophie and Marie-Pierreís website!

Magali : Will you marry me? LOL
Ty : Hahahaha... sure, but youíll have to clear it with my girlfriend first!

Marie : Are you as shy and not self-confident with the girls as your character is in the show?
Ty : Unfortunately, I would have to say yes to that one.

Joyce : Does your family still have the Christmas Tree business?
Ty : Yep, my dad is still in that business... heís been doing it for about 40 years now !

Cťline M. : Do you have a personal website? If yes, what is the address?
Ty : Not right now, I donít. Kind of strange not to have one when Iím in the internet business now! Iíll let Sophie and Marie-Pierre know when I get one!

Emmanuelle : Do you have a dream or project you really want to achieve?
Ty : See the previous answer... Yes, someday I would like to do a music-based project, but anything with an interesting script, really.

Emmanuelle : So, when are you coming to France? Come on, don't be shy, we are not as awful as other nationalities think we are! And our food is not only made of snails and frog legs!
Ty : I have been to France a few times now, and have learned many things. One... the French are not how I had heard before I travelled there. I had heard the French were cold and arrogant and hated Americans, and I experienced exactly the opposite... as a whole, I love the French! Now, I know youíre saying Ďitís true, we DO hate Americans!í, and I can somewhat understand why other countries might get that impression... there were many American tourists I saw when I was there that, frankly, made me embarrassed for my country. And I love the food... even just walking around with some cheese and a baguette (and some wine of course) and I am happy.

Nancy : Tell us what you thought about living in Tucson?
Ty : I love the desert, so I had a great time. Awesome sunrises and sunsets, and incredible monsoon seasons where, out of nowhere, it would rain like youíve never seen...

Laurence : What kind of movie (or series or shows) did you particularly like as a viewer?
Ty : I like shows that are written well, no matter the genre... nothing that tries to capitalize on the trend of the moment or the flavor of the week.

Pauline : Do you have any favourite type of food / cuisine?... Chinese? Japanese? Libanese? African? Greek?... French?? :))
Ty : Iíve been on an Indian food (India, not American Indian) kick lately... hmmm, never tried Lebanese, is it good? But sometimes, a good olí American hamburger does just fine. Oh, and I LOVE foie gras!

Pauline : What do you consider as the "craziest" thing you've ever done ?
Ty : It could be running with the bulls in Pamplona... still not sure how smart that was!

Pauline : Scuba-diving... have you ever tried? where?
Ty : Yes, I love scuba diving! Iíve only been off the California coast, but I love it. I would like to dive somewhere a bit warmer one of these days.

Veronique : Do you watch TV and what is your favorite show at the moment?
Ty : I donít watch much television... I didnít even have one for about 5 years, then I moved in with my girlfriend and she became bored talking to me, so I bought one... I like the David Letterman show, do you get that there?

Suzanne : What is your favorite type of music, singer, group?
Ty : Right now Iím into Radiohead, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Grant Lee Buffalo, the list goes on. I love the Beatles, Nirvana, The Doors, Neil Young...

Suzanne : When did you start playing music (what age?)?
Ty : I started playing pretty late, actually... not untill I was about 20.

Leonora : What are some of your current hobbies you enjoy doing now?
Ty : I like playing music and going to listen to bands mostly, and since I bought a house... home improvement !

Marie-Pierre : I know that you travelled a lot, what country really impressed you and why?
Ty : Well, after I got back from a year of travelling, I was trying to figure out where I would like to have a place to live outside the US, and it came to : an apartment in Paris, and a house in the Spanish countryside.

Marie-Pierre : What do you think about the "fan's reunion" that are organized every year now?
Ty : I love that people still have an interest in the show... personally, it makes me feel like I helped do something that brings somebody a bit of pleasure... itís a good thing.

Marie-Pierre : Do you visit the Young Riders websites?
Ty : Occasionally, I look through some of them, yes. It seems like everytime I do, thereís something new, or a new site based on the show... pretty cool.

Marie-Pierre : What is your favorite sport?
Ty : Snow skiing.

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